Churchill’s Testimony

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Sir Winston Churchill’s funeral was on January 30, 1965. Dignitaries from 112 countries made the funeral the largest in history at the time. Some 350 million watched the service on TV which featured some of the statesman’s favorite hymns. Churchill had once been an agnostic. But his experiences during WWI made him a firm believer in God. He had arranged for something a bit unusual for his own funeral. He had instructed that after the benediction, a bugler positioned high in the dome of St. Paul’s Cathedral would play Taps, the tune that marks the day’s end. But that was not the end. Another bugler was placed on the other side of the massive dome, and he played Reveille, the tune that marks the coming of a new day and a call to rise. That was Churchill’s testimony concerning the resurrection. He wanted those gathered to know that there is hope beyond the grave and judgment because Jesus Christ has opened the door to heaven for us by His own death, burial and resurrection.

Steven Clark Goad
Blythe, CA

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