Spiritual Security

Faith is the Christian’s foundation and hope is his anchor. Death is his harbor and Christ is his pilot. Heaven is his country and all the evils of poverty, or affronts of tribunals and evil judges, of fears and sad apprehensions are but like the loud winds blowing from the right point—they make a noise but only drive us faster to the harbor. And if we do not leave the ship or jump into the sea or quit the interest in our faith or run to the false securities of this world or cut our cables or dissolve our hope or grow impatient then we can hug a wave and die in its embrace, for we are safe at sea, safer in the storm God sends us than in a calm when we are befriended by the world. So stay on board. Never jump ship. The ship of Zion is our only rescue. Thank you, Jesus.

Steven Clark Goad
Blythe church of Christ
Blythe, CA

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