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CHECK THIS PAGE OFTEN! We will use this section to keep you updated on what’s new at Bulletin Digest.

FEATURES WE ARE WORKING ON: Currently we are planning to include a new Sermon Resources section on the Bulletin Digest website. Sermon seeds, full outlines, illustrations, and other materials are among the content we are planning. This section will only be accessible to Premium members. If you have suggestions for this part of the site, we would love to hear from you!

02/01/2021 — FEBRUARY ARTICLES UPLOADED! Head over to your Membership Page to check out all the new articles for February. Lots of good material to choose from! I especially enjoyed the article entitled “Unshakeable Faith in the Immoveable Kingdom” by Kerry Duke. Very timely thoughts, and much needed for the church at this time. If you are looking for Valentine’s Day articles, go to the holiday links section in the QuickLinks section on your membership page. How you have a great month!

01/30/2021 — Updated the Original Graphics Page. Added some more winter graphics, including some Valentine’s Day graphics. Also put some new Christmas graphics that will be there waiting for you next season!

01/29/2021 — New Bible Word Scrambles Added . These little puzzles are great additions to your bulletin for the little ones. We will be adding these in bulk amounts over time, and in the future we hope to find a better way to organize them for you. Let us know if you have any ideas!

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