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What is Bulletin Digest?

Bulletin Digest is a monthly compilation of the best church bulletin articles from around the United States. We publish approximately 30 articles each month, along with poems, humor, and graphics like puzzles and clip art. What is Bulletin Digest used for? Articles from Bulletin Digest are republished by over 600 congregations each week in local […]

Growing Old Gracefully

Growing Old Gracefully Age is relative, isn’t it? In our own way, we still search for the fountain of youth. We resist the aging process by camouflaging the spots and wrinkles. Still, aging continues its relentless march. God places a premium on age. God intends for us to be useful and active in our golden […]

This Really Happened!

This Really Happened! On Sunday, March 25, 1979 a family placed membership at one of the churches of Christ in Arkansas. This isn’t significant news at all. In fact, we probably visualize three or four people walking down the aisle at the singing of the invitation song, sitting down on the front row, putting their […]

I Am The Way

I Am The Way A man wishing to travel across a certain desert hired a local guide to take him across. When the two men arrived at the edge of the desert, the traveler, looking ahead, saw only trackless sands without a trace of a footprint, nor a path and certainly no road. Turning to […]