A 3×4 Fence

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A person might as well put his shoulder to the burning sun and seek to stop it on its flaming course as to seek to destroy and stop the circulation of the Word of God.

The Bible is like the Irishman who had trouble with his neighbor knocking his fence over. He built a wall four feet wide and three feet tall. When asked why he had built such a wall, he replied, “When they knock this wall over, it will be just that much higher.”

G. C. Brewer said, “When all kingdoms set up by men have utterly failed and their foundations have crumbled to dust and their glories have become subjects to ridicule, when day and night shall be no more, the moon ceases to wax and wane, the sea shall flow and ebb no more, when earth and the heavens shall have been shaken and have passed away with a great noise, the word of God shall stand imperishable, immovable, and unshaken!”

Wendell Winkler

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