Our Mission is to Share and Preserve Sound, Engaging Church Bulletin Materials!

Bulletin Digest has offered sound resources for church bulletins and Christian edification since 1981. The publication started out with the efforts of one preacher who thought there ought to be a resource for preachers and churches of Christ to share doctrinally sound and encouraging bulletin articles. From his farm in Nebraska, James Sampson began sifting through the dozens of bulletins from individual churches that he received in his own mailbox and assembled the first digest, selecting the best and most timely each month. Some articles are just too good not to share with the brotherhood!

Many things have changed over the years since that first issue. Ownership changed hands several times, with folks such as Larry Fitzgerald, Jim Martin, and Charles and Jane Beebe having served as publishers. Matt Clifton is the current owner and publisher. A gospel preacher for 17 years, he took over the Digest in 2013. Since that time the Digest has transitioned from a “print only” publication to a full-service digital resource, offering an online service that makes editing a local church bulletin much easier!

While many things have changed, some things certainly have not. We are dedicated, heart and soul, to providing doctrinally sound bulletin articles, graphics, puzzles, and poetry, and preserving these important and encouraging writings for future generations. Current efforts include improving the timeliness of articles, archiving the entire collection of historical articles from the Digest, and bringing new resources to the site, such as preaching ideas and illustrations.

If you are a church bulletin editor or a preacher, sign up today for a free trial to see what Bulletin Digest can do for your work! These resources are too good not to share, and we are working hard to keep them available for you, and for future generations. Your membership will help us in that effort!