Bulletin Digest has offered sound resources for church bulletins and Christian edification since 1982. Now that we’re on the web, you’ll have yet another great resource for your spiritual life and ministries such as editing the church bulletin, preaching and teaching, or encouraging your neighbor.

The Bulletin Digest is for:

  • Church bulletin editors who subscribe to the Bulletin Digest as a source of articles with solid Biblical truth and positive encouragement.
  • Preachers and teachers looking for fresh ideas and illustrations for communicating the gospel of Jesus Christ.
  • Christians who subscribe to the Bulletin Digest for general reading and spiritual edification.

The Bulletin Digest is now offered in only one format: an online digital membership. With your membership, you will get a new package of featured bulletin articles every month, as well as access to all archived articles on the website. These articles are searchable by subject, author, date, and word length. You can mark the articles as “used” so you don’t repeat them, and we have plenty of other powerful features on the way! A one year subscription to the digital membership is only $40 per year.

The Bulletin Digest is owned and published by Matt Clifton, a gospel preacher living in Judsonia, Ark.