Fresh church bulletin articles, sermon outlines and illustrations, original graphics, puzzles, poems, and fillers.

Fresh church bulletin articles, original graphics, puzzles, poems, and fillers.

Everything you need for bulletins and preaching!

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What is Bulletin Digest?

Bulletin Digest is a publishing service with a 41-year history of providing sound, biblical church bulletin articles that churches can reprint in their own bulletins and newsletters.

Members have access to fresh, contemporary bulletin articles, poetry, fillers, quotes, humorous stories and clean jokes, as well as original crosswords, word scrambles, and Bible word search puzzles.

We also have a growing library of original church graphics and public domain clip art for use in your bulletins.

Materials are accessed in various ways, depending on your membership type.

TRIAL MEMBERS can sign up for access to the free article collection on the website, and get a sample issue of Bulletin Digest and Preaching Ideas in their inbox.

MONTHLY MEMBERS receive a weekly edition of Bulletin Digest in their email inbox, as well as the Preaching Ideas newsletter. Our collection of free articles on the website is included.

ANNUAL MEMBERS receive the newsletters as well, but also have access to the Bulletin Digest archives, graphics, and all other materials contained on the website.

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What’s in Our Newsletters?

The Bulletin Digest Newsletter will come to your email inbox each week with 5 or more fresh, contemporary articles ready to reprint in your church bulletin. We work hard to vary the sizes so you will always have something that fits. Word counts are indicated at the beginning of each article. The newsletter will also contain poems, fillers, humor, and quotes to give your bulletin color and life! This newsletter is available only to Monthly and Annual members.

The Preaching Ideas Newsletter is also emailed weekly, and the focus of this newsletter is to give preachers a creative spark as they form their sermons and lessons for the week. Each week you will find sermon ideas, brief sermon outlines, illustrations, stories, and amazing facts that will get your creative juices flowing. Also included will be Wednesday night devotional ideas and other notes to help the minister’s work along. This newsletter is also only available to Monthly and Annual members.

Which Membership Should I Choose?


If you are wondering if Bulletin Digest can help you in your work, and just want to see what sort of materials are available, choose the Trial Package. With this membership, you will get access to our selection of free articles, as well as a sample issue of the Bulletin Digest newsletter and the Preaching Ideas newsletter. Then you can decide if you’d like to step up to a paid membership.


If you are familiar with the resources we publish and would like to receive fresh weekly bulletin articles and preaching materials by email, and you are not interested in crossword puzzles, word searches, or other graphics, you may like the Monthly Package. This membership gives you both newsletters in your email inbox each week, offering plenty of materials to work with. The Monthy Membership does not include access to the Bulletin Digest archives.


Bulletin editors who want a full package of articles and graphics, plus access to our archives, will want to choose the Annual Package. This package will give you a wealth of materials, fully searchable on the website. You will also get the newsletters by email so you don’t have to always go to the website to see what is new. Plus, the Annual Package allows you to use our powerful article managements tools. You can bookmark articles for later use, and mark articles as “used” so you won’t repeat them in your bulletin later!