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It is sad but true that a large percentage of the people who come to worship on Sunday morning do not come back on Sunday night or Wednesday night. Also, many wait until after Bible class is over Sunday morning before gathering together. We could talk about the sin of forsaking the assembling of the saints, but I want to focus on what individuals miss when they do not attend these meetings of the church. If you missed these services…

…you missed the opportunity to sing praises to your Creator. Do you believe He is worthy of such praise? If so, you missed opportunities to show Him.

…you missed the opportunity to offer up prayers to the One who hears and answers prayers.

…you missed the opportunity to encourage brothers and sisters in Christ, and to be encouraged by the same.

…you missed the opportunity to be nourished spiritually. God’s Word was taught, which means spiritual nourishment was provided. It is only God’s Word that is able to provide spiritual nourishment (1 Peter 2:2). If you have not been growing spiritually, you are lacking spiritual nutrition. Stop skipping meals.

Let’s be sure we don’t miss out on any more of these opportunities.

Tim Wilkes II
Hernando, MS

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