A Tale of Two Women

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On July 24, 2019, Police in Chattanooga, Tennessee, charged a woman with murder. This 29-year-old was abusing illegal drugs which resulted in the premature delivery and death of her twin daughters. According to the police, this mother was being charged with murder, aggravated child abuse or neglect and viable fetus as a victim.

But can someone explain to me how this woman can be charged with murder while a mother who allows a doctor to insert a saline solution into her womb, thus killing her baby, is not charged with murder?

• Two women.
• Both Pregnant.
• Both subjected their babies in their wombs to a deadly substance.
• Both resulted in the death of their babies.
• One is hauled to jail.
• One is hailed a hero of reproductive rights.

Friends, the battle over abortion is not a battle that will be won by educating people and making them aware of something they did not already know. Everyone knows. Everyone can see the inconsistency. Therefore, this battle won’t be won by educating people about pre-born life in the womb. While some may pretend not to know, we all know. No, this is a battle about the will, and whether one is allowed to fulfill their selfish desires at the expense of a defenseless person.

Steve Higginbotham
Karns church of Christ
Knoxville, TN

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