One Last Chance

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A man never opened the car door for his wife or any other woman. He felt it was a sissy, Emily Post kind of thing to do. “Besides,” he was fond of saying, “she doesn’t have two broken arms.”

After many years of marriage, his wife died and he was heartbroken because he truly loved her. Somehow, as the pall- bearers brought her casket out of the funeral service, he and his family reached the hearse in front of them.

The funeral director was back a few feet, so he called him by name and said, “Open the door for her, will you?” The man reached for the door handle and then, for one second, froze.

He realized he had never opened a car door for her in life. In death would be the first and only time. Years of regret came crashing down.

Lesson: If you love someone, tell them now. If there is a kind deed you can do, do it now. There will be a time when all our tomorrows are yesterdays, and there will be no more chances to do the little things to show our love.

Randall J. Medlin
University church of Christ
Montgomery, AL

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