Sentence Sermons from Acts (Part 3)

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The book of Acts vividly records the first thirty years of the history of the church of Christ. As Wayne Jackson noted, “Christianity burst into existence with a debut more dramatic than anything history had ever known” (The Acts of the Apostles: From Jerusalem to Rome, p. 1). Embedded within this thrilling description of events are practical lessons in abundance. Following are a few more examples of these useful messages.

1. Our motivation should not be merely to please the masses (12:3).
2. Sometimes Christians struggle with faith in the power of prayer (12:5, 15).
3. Faithful Christians can sleep well at night, even in the most trying of situations (12:6).
4. God deserves to be glorified above any mere man (12:22-23).
5. The word of God cannot be bound (12:24).
6. False teachers are Satan’s tools of attack against the church (13:4-12).
7. Envy and jealousy can harm the spread of the gospel (13:44-45).
8. Christianity naturally generates conflict (14:22).
9. We have not the authority to add steps to the plan of salvation (15:1).
10. We should handle differences of opinion with brethren in ways that cause increase in the Lord’s work (15:36-41).
11. The word “believe” is sometimes used to refer to the entire process of salvation (16:30-34).
12. Preaching the gospel involves logical discourse (17:2-3).
13. The Bible is the final authority in all matters religious (17:11).
14. There is only one baptism and we must know what it is (19:1-7).

Eddie Parrish
Rosenburg, TX

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