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There is a disinterest in spiritual matters within our country. People do not attach an importance to morality like they did in the past. Our nation cannot be described as a “Christian” nation as people were in a habit of doing in days gone by. In view of these matters let me make five observations that the Christian would do well to keep in mind.

First, God remains in control. I know it often does not seem like it. Sometimes it seems more like Satan is the one who’s running the universe. But the Creator and Sustainer of the universe still reigns from heaven. Ultimately, he will be honored and glorified whereas sinful mankind will be rendered their due. God will have the final say.

Second, remember that one of the apostles said, “The whole world lies in wickedness” (1 John 5:19). This statement was true some two thousand years ago and it remains an accurate assessment for the world today. The very reason Jesus died on the cross was to “deliver us from this present evil world” (Gal. 1:4). When I hear about all the ungodliness going on in society today I often say to myself, “Yep, it is just as God said it would be!”

Third, God respects free, moral agency. By this I mean that God created humans as free to make choices, both good and bad. God will allow people to reject Him and live wicked lives. God is not going to force anyone to serve and obey Him. This must be a voluntary decision on the part of the person. As a result the masses often choose to do wrong. This is why evil exists within our society.

Fourth, the wicked will be held accountable. There will be a reckoning. All of the ungodliness that characterizes our society will be actions that God condemns on the Day of Judgment. God is holy. He is just. He cannot abide the sinful actions of those who ignore and reject Him. These folks will eventually become recipients of Divine wrath. The Bible says so (Col. 3:5-7).

Fifth, the godly must remain faithful and true no matter what happens. In the book of Revelation the term “overcame” is used seventeen times to relate that God and his people will ultimately be victorious over Satan and his evil influences. So what must the child of God do‘? Answer: “Be faithful until death and I will give you the crown of Life” (Rev. 2:10).

Stephen Wiggins
San Augustine, TX

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