Have You Ever Noticed…

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…when the other fellow acts that way, he is ugly; when you do, it is nerves.

…when others are set in their ways, they’re obstinate; when you are, it is firmness.

…when your neighbor doesn’t like your friend, he is prejudiced; when you don’t like his, you are a good judge of human nature.

…when he tries to treat someone especially well, he’s guilty of insincere flattery; when you try it, you are being thoughtful.

…when he takes time to do things well, he’s a slowpoke or lazy; when you do, you are deliberate and careful.

…when he spends a lot, he is a spendthrift; when you do, you’re generous.

…when someone picks flaws in things, he’s cranky and critical; when you do, you are creative.

…when he is mild-mannered, you call him weak; when you are, it’s graciousness.

…when someone dresses especially well, that person is extravagant; when you do, it is tastefulness.

…when he says what he thinks, he’s spiteful; when you do, you are being frank.

…when he takes great risks in business, he’s foolhardy; when you do, you are a wise financier.

Jesus said that we should love our neighbors as we love ourselves (Matthew 22:39). Therefore, we should extend the same grace and benefit of the doubt to our neighbors as we do to ourselves. It is wrong to condemn others for what we practice.

B.J. Clarke

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