May 2021, Vol. 40, No. 5

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The Worst Part Was the Political Implications

posted on May 5, 2021

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Alfred Packer was a man made infamous by his peculiar crime; cannibalism. The fact Packer had murdered and eaten five hunting companions during a Colorado blizzard in 1873 was horrifying. Hardly anyone could think of a worse crime, well except for one person. The judge at the trial M. B. Gerry was quoted to have said to Packer at his sentencing, “There were seven Democrats in Hinsdale County, but you ate five of them. I sentence you to be hanged by the neck until you’re dead, dead, dead, as a warning against reducing the Democratic population of the state.”

I wish I could say we have moved beyond that thinking. Yet today, it seems politics still play a huge role in most folks thinking, more maybe than it should. Issues of right and wrong are now blurred by the political implications. All sides seem far too willing to accept evil as long as that evil benefits their political constituency. Rhetoric has replaced reason. Victory is more important principle. The ends justify the means.

For the Christian, we need to remember in these charged political times, that before whatever country we are citizens of or whatever party we profess or whatever civic group we are beholden, we are first and foremost children of God. Our first loyalty is to His Kingdom. And his kingdom is one of truth, righteousness, and love. Our actions must follow with these principles before all other implications.

The world may only be interested in votes, but we must be concerned for souls.

Barry Haynes
Hope church of Christ
Hope, AR

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