June 2021, Vol. 40, No. 6

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The Flag We Fly

posted on June 18, 2021

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As Americans, there are few sights that thrill us as much as seeing the “Stars and Stripes” billowing in the breeze over a free nation. When July 4th rolls around, many of us find ourselves rallying around our flag, thankful for the freedom we enjoy in our great country. The common purpose and unity that we feel under that flag should be something that binds us together toward causes greater than ourselves.

Likewise—but in a much more meaningful and important sense—Christians rally together under a common flag: Jesus the Christ. The prophet Isaiah spoke of a time when “the root of Jesse” (a term for the Messiah) would stand as a banner to the people, and the Gentiles would seek Him (Isaiah 11:10). Both Jews and Gentiles would rally to the Messiah, which means this passage was looking forward to a time when the church had been established. In the New Testament, Jesus said that if He be lifted up, He would draw all peoples to Himself (John 12:32), calling them to a true spiritual freedom through sacrificial death on the cross (John 8:32,36). Both Jews and Gentiles rallied to the banner of the Messiah, wiping out all national lines as far as the kingdom of God was concerned (Gal. 3:26-29).

What a beautiful image! Those who seek to know God in truth will come to Jesus through His gospel, and be united together in His kingdom for a common salvation and mission. There is no greater freedom! So while we celebrate our political freedom this July 4th, remember too how Christ has made us free, and rally always to His banner. 

Matt Clifton
Judsonia church of Christ

Judsonia, AR

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