What Gets You Going in the Morning?

I have a friend, who shall remain nameless in order to protect the guilty, whose body and mind function only after a serious injection of coffee in the morning.

We’ll not go into a discussion of morning person versus night person, although there is that difference to take into consideration.

Each one has a routine of getting up and about. Fair enough.

Here’s the big question: what is it that gets you going in the morning? Not physically, but mentally. What’s the motivation that makes you sharp, that puts an edge to your activities?

The one thing that gives life, and a day, its most vivid colors is to know that God rules over the universe, has stopped my life from careening into destruction and promises to right all wrongs and settle all accounts before long.

On top of all that, the driving force of love that reached down to me has also infused my limbs with a purpose of calling the world’s attention to the most dramatic rescue of all time.

What he did for one, he would do for all. What he did for me, he sends me out to make it possible to do for others.

If that doesn’t put a spring to your step, nothing will. Not even a coffee IV.

J. Randal Matheny, RandalMatheny.com

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