I have noticed a lot of butterflies lately. I saw one soaring high in the sky. I saw another sitting almost motionless on a flower. Another was struggling on the asphalt after an encounter with a car. It is an amazing thing about butterflies. They spend the beginning of their days crawling upon the earth in the fashion of a lowly worm. Then they wrap themselves up and appear to sleep. When they awaken, they fly forth with beautiful, delicate wings. They flit from flower to flower drinking sweet nectar. Some travel for hundreds of miles to gather in a remote place to assure the existence of the next generation. Yet even after their glorious transformation their days are numbered and they will be gone, never to be seen again unless their wings happen to become a trophy in some collector’s glass case.

We are similar to the butterfly. We spend our days plodding upon the earth. Some of us have defied the force of gravity for perhaps a few hours at a time. A handful have even broken the force of our planet’s pull to spend some time in space. But one day, we will fold our hands in death and seem to others to sleep. Then that great day will come, the last trump will sound. The dead shall awaken and the living shall be changed. All of us will fly away. But here we are different than the butterfly.

Those of man from Adam to the last, who have been saved by the grace of God, in the blood of Jesus Christ, through faith which leads to obedience, will rise to be with God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit and all the host of heaven for all of eternity. The others will arise to the resurrection of damnation. (John 5:28-29)

Are YOU washed in the blood, in the soul cleansing blood of the Lamb?

Peter Cooper
Evergreen, AL

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