Cheap Religion

Flea markets are increasing in number by the week. Sales at the mall attract thousands who would not shop without them. Negotiating before buying is smart shopping. “The cheaper the better” is the philosophy by which many live daily. But cheap is not always the best, whether it be furniture, cars, or medical care.

Very often cheap thinking is carried over into the religious realm. A father complained about the sermon he had just heard at church. His son replied, “It wasn’t too bad for the dollar it cost to get in.” Getting what we need at the cheapest price not only affects the contribution but other things as well. Why should I go three times a week when I can get by with once? Why should I use my time and energy in the work of the church when others will do it? What did Jesus say? “So, likewise, whoever forsakes not all that he has cannot be my disciple” (Luke 14:33).

Richard Harp
Mastin Lake Newsletter
Huntsville, AL

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