Mastering Our Moods

There are some things which no one can do for us–things which we must, with God’s help, do for ourselves. Mastering our moods is one of them. Each one must work at this. Perhaps a moment or two in which one ceases his routine and talks to God will be helpful. I heard of a young lady who kept a book of poetry on her desk. She would turn to it when she was troubled. A business executive tells of keeping a New Testament on his desk and of reading from it each morning and each afternoon.

The important thing is that we begin inside ourselves, instead of seeking an escape by running away from troubles. The mastery of self is the big battle and it must begin from within. Peace of mind is not produced by circumstances. “I have learned in whatsoever state I am, therein to be content” (Phil. 4:11). The most contented people are usually those who have very little of material wealth.

What we are talking about is the depressed mental state in which we find ourselves at times. Perhaps we try to find the cause and are unable to do so. Yet there comes a feeling of exhaustion, a sense of futility and a lack of enthusiasm.

The problem is spiritual and the solution must be spiritual. Let us pray; let us count our blessings; let us continue in the faith; let us read God’s Word. God will help us to come through the darkness and to see the sunshine again.

Raymond Kelcy
Siloam Springs, AR

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