If the Shoe Fits…

Are you a person who wears LOAFERS? Do you want to get by with doing as little as possible? Consider the rebuke to the one talent man of Matthew 25:26.

Perhaps the SLIPPER is your choice of shoe. This fits the person who slips in and out of service. He hopes he can slip by in life and then slip into heaven.

Some people seem to enjoy FLIP-FLOPS. This is a person who is faithful for a time and then falls away. It reminds me of the lukewarm person in Revelation 3:15.

There are those who enjoy wearing HIGH HEELS. This is a person who is haughty, proud and arrogant. The Bible sternly warns us against wearing such shoes as these, Romans l2:3; Psalm 101:5.

Those who prefer OVERSHOES are the ones who only use Christianity and the church in times of distress, then lay them aside when things get better. This is similar to the person who wears only SUNDAY SHOES, and is a Christian on Sunday only.

The man who wears HOUSE SHOES wants things nice and comfortable.

Oh, that everyone would find a pair of WORK SHOES to wear in service to the King. These are really the only shoes a Christian needs.

So, which shoe fits you?

Tom Moore
San Augustine, TX

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