God Values People–All of Them

What do we do with something that is broken, battered or bruised? Normally, we throw it away. The thing has become flawed or cracked, so why bother? It’s not worth it. It’s useless. Sadly, we do the same with people.

Jesus was different. He saw the value of people–all people. A few examples:

— A blind beggar, who called out to Jesus but was told to shut up, was healed.
— A son, who wasted his inheritance on wine, women and wild living, was given a party.
— A woman, who had left a trail of husbands and broken relationships, testified to unbelievers.
— A woman, caught in the act of having sexual intercourse, went on her way un-condemned.

To many, these folks weren’t worth it. “They’ve gone too far!” We might expect this attitude from people who do not know the power of God and the gospel of grace, but this attitude prevailed among the religious elite who carried a Bible in their arm pit, and from among Jesus’ own disciples.

The point is condemnation of the broken and battered is not required. One cannot condemn that which is already condemned. What is broken needs fixing. What is torn needs mending. What is lost, needs finding and saving.

To be on the same page with God, we must open our hearts to an honest investigation and discover what area of our life differs from Jesus. An honest discovery might be that we do not value people–all people–like Jesus.

Coy Hathcock
McMinnville, TN

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