Doing Good

The New Testament tells us that Jesus “went about doing good” (Acts 10:38). Jesus spent His life in service to others and helping others.

Have you ever heard of a “complainer” doing good for others with his complaining? Have you ever heard of a “gossip” who helped others with his/her gossip? How much good has a liar ever done with his lying? How many people have ever been aided by the anger from an angry person? How many individuals have had their lives made happier by the slander from one who maligns the character of another? How well thought of is the drunken driver who makes our highways dangerous for himself and others? What about the disagreeable and negative person who can never find good in anything? Do you really want to be like that?

If we want to make a difference in our living, we need to be like the Lord Jesus and “go about doing good.”

Bill Dillon
Trenton (TN) Church of Christ
Bulletin Digest (January 2005)

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