You Never Asked Me

When Henry Ford purchased a large insurance policy, the newspapers carried a story about it, since the amount was so large and the man so prominent.

An old friend of Ford’s who was in the insurance business was surprised by the report since he had not heard that Ford was in the market for insurance.

The next time he saw Mr. Ford he asked him if the report was true. Ford replied that it was. The friend then asked why he had not purchased the policy from him since they had been friends for many years. Mr. Ford’s reply was, “You never asked me.”

This lesson is needed in Christianity. Many of our friends are not attending our services because we are not asking them. Sometimes our reasoning is that since we asked someone once and were refused, no one else need be asked. No reasoning could be more wrong.

Here is something that every member of the congregation can do. Ask your friends to attend services with you, especially on Sunday evening, If you ask your friends, you will come yourself and that will help. If you keep on asking your friends in the right way, they will come, and that will help even more.

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