What Did You Think Of Church, Daddy?

Every Sunday, just about noon, families walk out of church, get in the car and begin the drive home. Crucial religious instruction takes place then. Here are some of the positions a parent can take as these minutes tick away.

Act like you have never been to worship services. Do not mention anything that happened. The whole experience was lived in another world; now you are back in the real world.

Play ‘Devil’s Advocate.’ Take the opposite side from the preacher; punch a few holes in the sermon. Make fun of the song leader noting that he sang too slow, too fast; pitched the songs too low or too high; sang too many songs or not enough. Make fun of the prayer and the prayer leader. Criticize the entire services and all the public ministry.

Support the things that took place. There will be times when this will be easier to do than at other times. But make an effort always to be supportive. Speak kindly of the elders, deacons and ministers. Display an attitude of love and appreciation and above all unity. Remember the little ears that are listening and learning.

There is a teachable moment right after worship services. Give some thought as to what you make of it!

via Crosbyton church of Christ
Crosbyton, TX
Bulletin Digest (Nov. 2010)

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