Are You Covered?


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All kinds of insurance are available to those who are willing to pay the price. There is health insurance, life insurance, car insurance, liability insurance, homeowners insurance, flood insurance, theft insurance, etc. Some buy all the kinds they can in order to have themselves fully covered and many insurance companies spend lots of money on advertising to convince us how much they can save us if we switch over to them. But in the process of insuring what is relative to this life, is as much thought always given to the life to come?

Of all the possessions to insure and disasters to insure against, the greatest catastrophe is to have no provision relative to eternal life (note Luke 12:20-21). Some of the things we might get coverage for in this life may never happen: fire, flood, theft, etc. However, the fact this life will have its end is something we cannot avoid and therefore need to be prepared. For that we need the coverage only God can provide. There is an “Eternal Life Insurance” policy already paid for by our Lord, but we must be in Him in order to receive the benefits. Are we covered?

In his letter to the church at Rome, Paul (citing Psalm 32:1-2) encouraged. . .

“(7) Blessed are those whose lawless deeds are forgiven, and whose sins are covered; (8) blessed is the man against whom the Lord will not count his sin.” (Romans 4:7-8 ESV)

In Christ this provision has been adequately secured. Peter noted that “love covers a multitude of sins.” (1 Peter 4:8) Though Peter was noting the kind of love we are to exercise, this is most assuredly true regarding the great love of God in providing the complete forgiveness we need. Though the life insurance of this realm may help the family with expenses and support when we are gone, God’s “Eternal Life” insurance pays us the benefit beyond this realm. Praise God, in Christ, He has us covered!

Have a great day, having accepted the policy that truly saves!

Carl Hanson
via Port Townsend Church of Christ 
Port Townsend, WA

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