Memorial Day

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Memory is an important part of the human experience. God created our minds in such a way that we can store information regarding past events and recall that information in the future. These facts range from the mundane tasks of life, such as brushing our teeth every day because we learned the necessity of doing so in the past, to more profound concepts, such as the sacrifices made by American soldiers throughout history who fought and died to protect others in our nation and world.

On Monday, our country will remember those valiant soldiers who donned the uniform of service to their fellowman, and gave their lives for freedom, a cause they deemed greater than themselves. We remember their great sacrifices, and acknowledge the biblical precept of laying down our lives for others (John 15:13).

On Sunday, Christians will gather to remember the One who taught us to sacrifice for others. Jesus lived a life of service, spending His time on earth doing good (Acts 10:38), teaching truth (John 6:63; Eph. 4:21), and ultimately giving His perfect life as an atonement for our sins (John 10:18).

There are many memorials man observes throughout his days. But there is none so important as the one commanded by God: the Lord’s supper (Matt. 26:26-29; 1 Cor. 11:23-26). Let us not fail to remember the supreme sacrifice, and let us proclaim His death until He comes!

Matt Clifton

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