The Word of God

The empire of Caesar is gone; the legions of Rome are decaying in the dust; the avalanches that Napoleon hurled upon Europe have melted away; the pride of the Pharaohs is fallen; the pyramids they raised to be their tombs are sinking in the desert sands; Tyre is a rock for bleaching fishermen’s nets; Sidon has scarcely left a wreck behind; but the Word of God still survives.

All things that threatened to extinguish it have only aided it; and it proves everyday how transient is the noblest monument that man can build, and how enduring is the least word that God has spoken.

Tradition has dug for it a grave, intolerance has lighted for it many a fire; many a Judas has betrayed it with a kiss; many a Peter has denied it with an oath. Many a Demas has forsaken it, but the word of God still endures.

John Cumming
via Bella Vista church of Christ
Bentonville, AR

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