At Your House…

Will priorities be established in your children when…

  • You are early for their ballgame, but late for worship?
  • You check on their homework regularly, but never check on their Bible class lessons?
  • You won’t let them miss school even though they don’t want to go, but let them miss church worship services?
  • You won’t let them stay up late on school nights, but let them stay up late on Saturday night.
  • You will serve as room mother at their school or volunteer at school, but will not help with classes, activities, programs which involve spiritual matters?
  • You attend open house at their school, but do not visit their class room of Bible school, or even know where their class meets?
  • You support, attend, or even participate in their sports activities (baseball, softball, basketball, volleyball, etc.) but regularly miss activities involving the church?
  • You never (almost never) miss meeting with the civic or social club of which you are a member, but frequently miss worship services?
  • You go to work even though you do not feel like it, but stay home on Sunday in the same condition?

Wendell Winkler

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