Our Influence

We all have influence over others that we come in contact every day. As a parent, teacher, and youth minister, I have influence over the many youth that I work with each day. I must take this task seriously. I must think of the words that I use and the actions that I take because there is many that watch each day. The words and actions that I use have an influence over those that are around me. Who is watching you? Who do you have an influence over?

Our influence must be one that is influencing people to see and obey Christ. Our Christian influence should be leading people to God. The top priority is our lives should be to get to Heaven and to help as many others get to Heaven as well. One way we can do that is through our influence.

The Christian influence we display should reflect good and not evil. We must be displaying good things in our lives. We must be of the work of the church and not of the world. The world is full of evil. We need to distinguish ourselves from the world and stand out against what is evil in the world.

Our Christian influence should be seen through our words, actions, and friends. The words that we say can have a major impact on those we speak to. Mean, discouraging, and hateful words said to others is not going to bring them to God. Lying, cheating, rude, disrespectful behavior will not encourage one to obey the Gospel. Often we become who we hang around. We must be watchful of the words we say, actions we do, and company that we keep.

Our Christian influence should be obvious for everyone to see. Here is where we need to stand out. Not standing out in a “I’m better than everyone else” manner. But everyone you come into contact with should be able to tell by your life that you are a follower of Christ. You have committed your life to God and are going to live life serving Him.

Our influence is very important because it can have an effect on our salvation. If you aren’t influencing for Christ, then you will be tossed out just as the salt that had lost its saltiness was in Matthew 5:13. So, what are you influencing for? Christ? The World?

Nick Pace
Glasgow, KY

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