The Goal for All Seasons

Often times, I find myself lost in thought as to how I can improve as a worker in the kingdom of God. My thoughts most recently have been focused around the idea of the goal we pursue. So many aspects of Christianity seem to exist and all seem worthy of pursuit, however, God’s word is much more simple than that. We must remember the singular goal of Christianity is to pursue God.

In our pursuit of God, we find ourselves devoutly committed to the church. We find ourselves seeking fellowship with other Christians. We find ourselves craving a deeper understanding of our Lord. We find ourselves building life around the church, and not the other way around. We find ourselves evangelizing at every opportunity. We find ourselves producing fruit, planting and watering as God provides the increase. These aspects themselves are not the goal, but a result of the true goal of Christianity: pursuing God. As the busy holiday seasons roll in, do yourself a favor, Christian, and narrow your focus on the one goal that matters!

Calvert City church of Christ
Calvert City, KY

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