Look Back And You Lose!

I didn’t run many races when I was a kid. I was too fat for that. In fact, if I ever actually participated with the skinny folk, there was no doubt l would lose. That is, unless I was racing my friend Darrell. He was a bit chunky in the midsection, and had an affinity for Doritos and Dr. Pepper, like myself. So, from time to time, when all of our skinny friends went home, or were busy, we would occasionally, for kicks, race each other. It was the only time I stood a chance. Not much of one, mind you, but a chance nonetheless. The odds were good enough that I wouldn’t hesitate to try and beat him.

Needless to say, our races were short. I mean, we weren’t going to casually bust out a 440m sprint. We would do well to run 40 yards. However, they were intense battles of whose lungs would gas out first, whose legs would buckle under the immense pressure, and whose body would overheat and ultimately give up. Because let’s be honest, a pair of 175-lb 11-year-olds weren’t making it that far. These were no feats of athletic prowess. and no one was there to watch; although, I am sure a few people would pay to see it. I took them seriously. I knew the only way I was going win was to keep my head forward, focus on the finish line, and run as hard as I could. You see, in a race, you never, ever. ever look back! Why? Because if you look back, you lose! You always keep your eye on the finish line.

Everyone knows that! Except for maybe Christians. We forget that this life is a race, and we absolutely must finish strong. Jesus said in Luke 9:62. “No one, having put his hand to the plow, and looking back, is fit for the kingdom of God.” Brethren, your hand is on the plow, and you have no other option but to look ahead and get to work. It’s simple. Look back, and you may very well lose something far more important than a silly little race. Looking back may cost you your soul!

Jeremy Tucker
Dexter, MO

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1 thought on “Look Back And You Lose!”

  1. Very good article! I appreciated the example you used to illustrate your point. I too was not one who won many races. But, I expect to finish the race I am on, and to finish for a Christian is to win! Thanks for the encouragement.

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