Opportunities and Connections

As a family will sit around a dinner table, they will grab hands to say the prayer for the meal. A connection is made in that brief moment that brings them closer together. Each holding a hand, grasped in union with each other and with God—the Father, Son, and Spirit. As a family, they know this will not always be, because kids grow up and leave home. But for this brief moment it is an awesome opportunity.

On a Sunday at a nearby hospital, a visit is made with someone who is sick or in extreme pain. Say the person is elderly, their eyesight and hearing are both failing. The person is extremely sick, yet the thought of not partaking in communion with our Lord and Savior on the Lord’s Day never crossed their mind. Prayers are said for the bread and the cup. A connection is made. Again this will not last, because we grow old and leave for a better home. But for this brief moment it is an amazing opportunity.

On another day, a meeting takes place with a person who is struggling with depression. Life is difficult. With desperation the person says, “Pray for me, do for me what I believe l cannot do for myself.” Again a connection is made. Another brief moment for an opportunity.

Each and every day we have multiple opportunities to make connections. God has given us the ability to reach out and take the hand of those around us. He did for us what no one else could do. Will we always meet up to God’s expectations? No, but that should not stop us from taking advantage of every opportunity that is presented to us.

Jesus said it this way in John 17:11 — “Holy Father, protect them by the power your name—the name you gave me—so that they may be one as We are one.”

Are we trying to be one as Jesus and God are one, by taking advantage of the opportunities that God presents to us in life? One opportunity is gathering together on the Lord’s Day. We hope to see everyone this Sunday.

Lance Morrisett (adapted)
Hooker, OK

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