This Will Make You Sad!

I grew up watching “Father Knows Best,” and “Life With Father.” These shows revealed a father that cared for his family, loved his wife and children, and was looked upon as wise. Contrast that with so-called family shows on TV today.

The family is revealed as similar to a cage full of monkeys. The father has no control or real relationship with his family, the mother is revealed as some kind of nut, and the children are so very wise. Does that sound like the home you grew up in? Not me!

If TV is truly revealing the kind of family that is part of our society then we are in more trouble than l realized. Someone needs to read Ephesians 6:1-4 again. History shows that when the family unit is destroyed that the nation will soon cease to exist.

Mothers and fathers in the Lord’s church continue to love each other and hold your children close. The world cannot defeat that kind of family.

Floyd C. Johnson
Shreveport, LA

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