New Songs, Old Songs

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Neither new songs or old songs should be accepted or rejected just because they are old or new. There are unscriptural songs in both categories, songs that are trite and drivel in both categories, beautiful, biblical, uplifting songs among both old and new. A song does not have to be written by someone long dead to be usable.

One new song that is biblically true, written in beautiful poetry, set to suitable music and both mentally and emotionally uplifting is “How Deep the Father’s Love for Us,” written by Stuart Townend. It ends with these words:

“Why should I gain from His reward? / I cannot give an answer; / But this I know with all my heart / His wounds have paid my ransom.”

It is said that this song was sung where the author, Stuart Townend, was present. He was introduced and an elderly lady came to him in amazement. She said, I thought surely you must have died long ago!”

Related by John Wiegand to Cecil R. May Jr. in personal conversation; printed in Preacher Talk, Winter, 2017.

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