What a Day That Will Be!

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Some years ago Paul Harvey reported that a poll indicated just 27.4 percent of the people in this country attend worship services at least once a week. That’s slightly more than one-fourth!

There are many legitimate things such as illness, health, necessary work, and other things that can prevent us from attending worship. Yet, some seem more concerned with business, entertainment, sports and “what I want to do” than they are in the precious gift of eternal life offered through our Lord and Savior.

Jesus gave His life on the cross for us – In His Word He tells us to live for Him. If you ask, most claim to believe in God – but we must not only believe in God, we must believe God!

Worship is a time to strengthen our faith, grow in knowledge, and learn more about both His love and His wrath. God wants us to worship Him (John 4:23) and we should be anxious to honor and praise Him as we assemble together each Lord’s Day. Then we will someday be able to stand around the throne of God and joyfully sing, “How Beautiful Heaven Really ls”! What a Day That Will Be!!

“..seek those things which are above, where Christ is” (Col. 1:1).

John K. Wills
Owingsville, KY

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