Have You Not Read?

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This was a statement that Jesus made over and over again to those who would question Him. This was nearly always the case when dealing with those who should have known what the Law taught. The priest and the Pharisees who were supposed masters of the law often were put to shame due to their lack of knowledge of the law.

I often wonder if many of the assumed religious leaders of today have ever read the Bible; and do they believe it is the word of God? Jesus put it in these words, “in vain do they worship me teaching as doctrine the commandments of men.” (Matt. 15:9) Such worship and service to God is wasted motion, and will not lead to salvation.

In the Lord’s Church We must always be concerned about our devotions to God’s will as  revealed in His word. Faith based on the doctrines of men are simply nonsense. They change to suit whatever is current in the world of men. It is service based on fads.

Floyd C. Johnson
Shreveport, LA

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