Watered-Down Juice

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A recent issue of Consumer Reports had a small article about a recent trend in orange juice marketing. It seems that the major orange juice companies are attempting to keep up with the latest “lower carbs” and “fewer calories” fads, so they are manufacturing orange juice with “half the sugar and calories.” So how did they make an orange juice like this? Simple. They watered down the juice.

It is funny how things change. Not long ago, fruit juices were being advertised in such a way that we were made to believe that only 100% pure juice should ever be purchased. To buy watered-down juice at that time was made out to be a crime to your body!

ls the same thing working in the church? Are preachers giving us a “watered down” version of the gospel message, just because that seems to be what the world wants to hear? Changing the message from 100% truth to a watered down version of truth might sell in today’s world, but it will never feed souls the truth that they need to receive eternal life!

Gary Herridge
Parkersburg, VA

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