Who Is This?

When Herod the tetrarch heard about Jesus, and the apostles preaching throughout the villages of Israel, plus the healing they were carrying out, he was perplexed. Luke 9:1-7.

Some said John had risen from the dead (though Herod had killed him). Others thought that Elijah had appeared, or one of the prophets had risen from the dead. Luke 7:7-9. Herod said; “Who is this?”

We need to take a closer look at Jesus in the Bible, and not depend on what men say. Most Israelites had the wrong idea and concept of Jesus, and we can do the same. We need to review all the evidence in scripture; examine this message carefully, and conclude that He was God in the flesh (1 Tim. 3:16).

Every Christian needs to have a Biblical answer to Herod’s question; “Who is this?”

Rick Laing
Highland Village church of Christ
Austin, TX

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