Jesus is unique. In fact, the phrase “only begotten Son” in the NKJV’s translation of John 3:16 could arguably be rendered ”only Son” (ESV), meaning that Jesus was God’s unique Son. Yes, those who are Christians are sons and daughters of God, but Jesus is special. There’s no one else like Him. Jesus was both God and man. He was both king and servant. He was both a lion and a lamb. He was both the high priest and the sacrifice.

No other religion has someone like Jesus. According to one fanciful but insightful story, a man became lost in his travels and wandered into a bed of quicksand. Confucius saw the man’s predicament and said, ”It is evident that men should stay out of places such as this.” Next, Buddha observed the situation and said, ”Let that man’s plight be a lesson to the rest of the world.” Then, Muhammad came by and said to the sinking man, “Alas, it is the will of God.” Finally, Jesus appeared. “Take my hand, brother,” He said, ”and I will save you.” Indeed, of all the world’s religions that have ever existed, Christianity stands alone in having a loving Savior. Christianity is unique because of Jesus.

Jesus’ uniqueness makes His church unique. He is the founder and foundation of a special assembly (Matt. 16:16-18; 1 Cor. 3:11). Nowhere else will you find a body of people who serve a founder who gave His very life to take away the sin of the world (John 1:29; Rom. 5:8; 2 Cor. 5:21; 1 John 2:2). No other group of people could say that their founder left heaven itself, came to earth, lived as a man, served mankind, suffered and died for mankind, before returning to His rightful place in heaven (Phil. 2:5-11). The church belongs to Jesus. The church worships Jesus. The church preaches Jesus. Indeed, the church’s identity is found in Jesus, and it is He who makes the church so distinctive.

Jacob Evans
Pulaski Street church of Christ
Lawrenceburg, TN

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