To Be More Like Jesus

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There is a wonderful transformation that takes place in the heart and mind of one who follows Jesus. Jesus’ disciples turn from darkness to light, and shift from serving sin to serving the Savior. This wonderful change produces peaceable fruit. No longer do we seek revenge or look to get even for every wrong suffered. Pardon and forbearance replaces vengeance and vitriol. Kindness supplants cruelty. This is the natural response for one who has received the good blessings that Jesus offers.

It amazes me how the loving lamb changes our minds and actions to gentler, calmer and sweeter expressions of His own great love. Rufus McDaniel penned these meaningful words that echo this thought:

“What a wonderful change in my life has been wrought,
Since Jesus came into my heart.
I am happy so happy as onward I go,
Since Jesus came into my heart.”

Lately, we have witnessed political unrest and upheaval. It seems many are rejoicing in the pain of others. Sadly, instead of seeking the olive branch folk are looking for a club to beat, maim and destroy their foe. In the church of our Lord I’ve witnessed just the opposite of what happens in the world. Brothers embracing when a disagreement is settled. Sisters weeping after reconciling. It is a great blessing to be in the family of God who truly want what is best for each other. It is delightful to be part of a group offering friendship and fellowship to people with which they might night always agree. In the body of Christ is found people with the “mind of Christ” i.e. people who are humble, loving, caring, giving, kind, and compassionate. The child of God will spend his time in prayer for those who are his enemies. He will seek to go a second mile to share God’s love.

As the years pass and I grow closer to God I find myself hurting much more for others. I have a deeper desire to reconcile divisions, not just my own but where ever two are divided. My words lean more to making peace than getting my way. I am not bragging about being a good person, I’m grateful that Jesus has infiltrated my thinking. My greatest regrets are not that I didn’t achieve greatness in the world or amass great sums of riches. My regrets are that I didn’t let Jesus take control of my heart much sooner.

Today, I pray for the terribly confused politicians and leaders of our country who are misguided to seek “getting their way” above doing what is right. I pray that somehow they will see the greatest good is to do what is right in the sight of God. These men and women will win every time they honor God’s way and seek the greatest good. I pray for forgiveness that I have wounded instead of healed, lashed out instead of lashing together, rived and ripped instead of reconciling. I seek change in my mind that only the teaching of Jesus can bring. I pray for greater understand, quicker patience and deeper affection.

Dear Lord, please make me new to be more like you!

Joseph Chase
Gladewater, TX

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