She Invited a Friend!

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This is the true story of a four-year old girl. Each Sunday morning and Wednesday night a little girl named Becky would skip out her front door and over to the next door with a tender knock. Becky’s question was simply, “Can Denise come to church with us today?” Most of the time the answer was yes. The invitations continued. But one day something was different, Becky made her Sunday morning journey next door, but the answer was no! But the words that followed were music to the ears. “No” the father answered, “Denise will be going with us this morning. We will see you at church services, Miss Becky.” The family visited, studies followed, and Denise’s mother and father were baptized into Christ!

What is the magic, the mystery, the awe? There is none! Just an invitation given over and over! Some things we make too hard. Some of the easiest things in life we conjure up in difficult messes. Some want sophisticated mail-outs to do it for us! Some sadly enough don’t care. Please understand, the benefits of mail-outs, programs, and other avenues are wonderful when used wisely. But nothing dismisses our personal responsibility to invite folks! Who? My neighbor, postman, doctor, mechanic, coach, teacher, friend, parent, child, uncle, aunt, co-worker, partner, boss, banker, and on and on!

Once Jesus freed a young man of some demons. As a result, the young man was dramatically changed. Obviously he was grateful. He wanted to go with Jesus, perhaps in an effort to repay Him. Jesus’ answer spans the generations and applies to us also. He stood by the ship refusing to let the young man go along and said, “Go home to your friends, and tell them what great things the Lord has done for you, and how He has had compassion on you” (Mark 5:19).

She was only four. All she did was invite. Heaven will be greater for it!

David Shannon
Henderson, TN

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