Map, Compass, and Blueprint

A traveler was packing his suitcase in preparation for a long journey. He said to his friend, “In this small corner of my suitcase, I am going to put a lamp, a mirror, a telescope, a sharp sword and a small library.” His friend inquired, “How are you going to manage that?” “Easily enough,” came the response. “The Bible is all of these.”

The Bible is even more than that. It is:

The traveler’s map. If you are in uncertain territory, a map will help you find your way. Ours is an age that has lost its bearings in a world of maddening confusion. But the Bible is the precious and accurate map we need to find our way safely through.

The pilot’s compass. The pilot’s compass is always true to north. To reach a certain destination we must head in a certain direction. The Bible contains the heaven inspired, distilled wisdom of the ages. Turn to the Bible for help and you will know the direction to take.

The Christian’s charter. What kind of lives are we building? What kind of world are we making? Jesus spoke of a world where the gospel was preached to the poor; where healing was sent to the broken-hearted; where deliverance was preached to the captives; where recovering of sight was given to the blind and liberty was given to the bruised (Luke 4:18,19). Such a divine blueprint for all of society is as marvelous as it is matchless.

The Bible deserves to be read prayerfully and frequently. The Bible deserves to be lived purely and fervently.

Bill Dillon
from Gospel Gems Vol. 2

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