In one of the many Biblical dictionaries it states, “God has entrusted humankind both individually and collectively with responsibility.” Jesus told several parables with responsibility or accountability at the center. One example is the parable of the talents (Matthew 25:14-30; Luke 19:11-27). Two of the servants were responsible with the money—invested it and returned it to their master—doubling its value. While the third servant was afraid and hid the money.

Other places in scripture shows how man deals with responsibility. In some instances man is trying to shirk his responsibility and blame others for his failures. In Genesis 3, Eve blames the serpent. In Genesis 16, Sarah became upset with Abraham when Hagar bore him a child. But, remember Abraham was just following Sarah’s advice. In Matthew 27, Pilate wanted to wash his hands of Jesus’ death.

So what are we to do with accountability or responsibility? We have to remember that God will hold us responsible. And since God is going to hold us responsible, then we need to hold ourselves, our families, our schools, our government, our responsible. There is a standard—God’s Word—and we need to hold ourselves and others up to it.

How are you holding up to the standard? Do you know the standard?

Lance Morrisett
Hooker church of Christ
Hooker, OK

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