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Bible study is great because it makes us set our minds on things we ought to consider. 

Two Sundays ago in our adult class, we studied Jesus’ miracle in Mark chapter 5 when he healed the man possessed by many demons. Our teacher brought up the point that people were upset with Jesus because he healed the man, and gave the demons permission to go into the pigs. The swine subsequently ran off a cliff. 

Later in the same chapter, there is the account of Jairus’ daughter who was healed as well as the woman who had an issue of blood for many years. The interesting thing I (and others noticed) was that while the people who lived in the Gerasenes wanted Jesus to leave, the people across the other side of the Sea of Galilee were happy Jesus was there (Mark 5:21). 

The same thing happens today. We make a choice about whether we want Jesus in our lives or not. If we want him there, then we will love him enough to obey his commands and come into our lives. If we don’t, he won’t have anything to do with us. 

Notice Mark 5:18. After they “began to pray him to depart out of their coasts,” Jesus went to his ship and prepared to sail. The only one to stop him was the man who had been healed. 

What’s your decision about Jesus? Do you love him enough to obey the gospel and Jesus’ commandments, or do you want him to leave you alone? It’s your decision. Jesus won’t force himself on anyone. He wants you to decide in his favor. What will it be? 

John Henson
Dibrell church of Christ 

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