April 2014, Vol. 33, No. 4

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‘The Poor You Have With You Always’

posted on January 29, 2019

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The above statement was made by Jesus in Matt. 26:11. Our government spends billions of dollars trying to help the poor of this nation. Compassion is a wonderful thing but most often their efforts fall short of success. Ever wonder why the poor are poor?

Some are poor because of circumstances beyond their control. Illness, job loss, divorce, these and other troubles may often lead to being poor. Many live in poverty because of drug and alcohol abuse. These folks cannot afford decent housing but they always seem to have funds for their addiction. Some are poor because they refuse to take advantage of opportunity for an education. Of course many are poor because they are lazy. Like someone once said, “I love work, I could watch people doing it all day long.” Then there are those who are born into poverty: it is the only life style they have ever known. So they are taught that this is the way people live.

Jesus teaches us compassion on those who are suffering want, but He also teaches something that many who lead our nation haven’t seemed to have read. It is from Paul’s pen in 2 Thess. 3:10: “if a man will not work, neither should he eat.” God doesn’t ascribe virtue to poverty, nor does attribute evil to those who are rich. God does require obedience from all.

Floyd C. Johnson
Huntington Park church of Christ
Shreveport, LA

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