May 2014, Vol. 33, No. 5

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God Hates Shorts!

posted on February 1, 2019

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You may be thinking that the title is presumptuous, opinionated, and even out of line. Let me disclaim what follows by asserting that God does not hate all shorts. He does, however, hate the following types of shorts.

God Hates Shortcuts. At least, He hates humanly devised shortcuts for which He has given no authorization. Man has devised shortcuts to salvation that cut out divine commands. He has made shortcuts in ethics and morality to justify and rationalize behavior God condemns. We should examine such “shortcuts” carefully to make sure they are not detours off of the narrow way.

God Hates Shortchanges. In Malachi 3:8-10, God condemns His people for “robbing Him” in their giving. They did not give with appropriate gratitude and generosity. Those who fail to put Him first (cf. Matt. 6:33) are shortchanging God of the time, talents, resources, and service He deserves.

God Hates Shortsightedness. When we make decisions based on instant gratification or immediate benefits without giving thought to longterm implications, we often make a mess of our lives. This is true of church plans, the person we choose to marry, unbiblical changes to the church and teaching to attract the unchurched, and the like. Certainly, one can be too deliberate and methodical to the point of lethargy and apathy. Yet, neither is it proper to leap before adequately looking.

God Hates Shortcomings. God’s hatred for sin is so great that He sent Christ to the cross as payment for it. Sin is falling short of God’s mark. The sobering thing is that all of come short of God’s glory as the result of our sin (Rom. 3:23). The great news is that while God hates shortcomings, He deeply loves shortcomers. That’s also why He sent Jesus to die for us.

God hates these shorts, but He has provided an alternative regarding all of them. By full and trusting obedience, we avoid shortcuts. By recognizing our debt and feeling heartfelt gratitude to God for paying it, we avoid shortchanging Him. By growing in wisdom and Christlikeness, we avoid shortsightedness. By walking in the light as children of God, we avoid the eternal ramifications of our shortcomings. That’s because God loves us!

Neal Pollard
via Bear Valley church of Christ
Denver, CO

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