Do You Desire Spiritual Sustenance?

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“Jehovah will not suffer the soul of the righteous to famish; But he thrusteth away the desire of the wicked” (Proverbs 10:3, ASV). 

It’s easy to read this proverb and understand the point being made is in association to hungering and thirsting after righteousness. The soul that seeks after the Lord’s favor is never famished, but is full and seeks to maintain that fullness. Some, however, look upon these words as being words that pertain to physical sustenance, eating and drinking, never suffering want as if in a deprived circumstance. That can hardly be the case for there have been many saints throughout history who have been deprived by their fellowman in matters of eating and drinking. The desire of the one who rejects the Lord is one who seeks to fill up his belly, satisfy his physical pleasures. With regard to these, the Lord will ultimately throw away their desire on Judgment Day.

Ron Thomas
Sunrush church of Christ
Chillicothe, OH

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