Christianity is Good for You!

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It turns out that Christianity is good for you, and good for your kids. Aren’t I Captain Obvious? Well, I suppose if you have been listening too much to certain atheists it might not be obvious. Richard Dawkins has claimed teaching children to accept their parent’s religion is child abuse, and suggests it’s even more damaging than sexual abuse. Interesting attention-grabbing statement—and completely wrong.

If you look at Christian families with unbiased eyes it is to see how beneficial practicing Christian faith can be. If you need further proof, consider a 2018 Harvard Study. Researchers kept track of over five thousand youth for over a decade. Their findings? Young people who went to church and prayed were more likely to say they were happy, more likely to volunteer, and less likely to use drugs. The study’s author, Ying Chen, said “Many children are raised religiously, and our study that this can powerfully affect their health behaviors, mental health, and overall happiness and well-being.”

I didn’t need Harvard to tell me that but it’s nice when someone sees the truth. 

Doug Wells
Camden Avenue church of Christ
Parkersburg, WV

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