A Time to Rejoice

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Overheard at the Mall: “I just dread the Christmas season.”

When I heard these words, I felt sorry for the one speaking them. To me, this time of year lifts my heart because of three nostalgic reasons. 

First, I remember how my parents (especially my mother) worked hard to make this season of the year special for our family. We didn’t have much money, but we took out time to do things together. We looked at Christmas lights, we went caroling, took the holiday tour at Mrs. Baird’s bakery, saw the decorated windows at Thorntons, etc. These things didn’t cost a cent but I loved everything we did. Each year, I strive to do this for my family. 

Second, I remember how Mom believed Jesus when he said: “it is always better to give than to receive” (Acts 20:35). We made things to give. We baked cookies and pies from the things we grew or harvested and then we gave them to our family and friends. The more we did this, the more I realized how blessed we were. We gave to others, but we received the blessing (Luke 6:38). This second truth always makes my season bright. If you haven’t learned the lesson of giving and receiving, then try it out this season. Give time or a word of appreciation. Do it out of pure motive and you will find that you are blessed.

Third, we thanked God for Jesus. Yes, I know that the Bible doesn’t tell us when Jesus was born. But I also know that he WAS born. And, the more we worshipped and thanked God … the less we thought about the things we dreaded. So, don’t dread this season. Revel in the blessings of Christ. Rejoice in the Lord, always (Philippians 4:4).

Larry Fitzgerald
Woodlawn church of Christ
Abilene, TX

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