Will You Not Tell It Today

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Samaria was under siege. The city was cut off from resupply. Prices for fuel and food skyrocketed. Things that would not be considered food became meals, even children (2nd Kings 6:24-29). It seemed all hope was lost.

Yet God had a plan. The army that threatened would be gone. Food would be cheap. However, nobody could see how that would happen. The promise was there, even if the people in the city couldn’t see it.

Yet there were four men in even a worse spot. Lepers trapped out of the city but trapped by the invading army. With nothing to lose they stumble into the enemy camp expecting death but finding it empty. No soldiers but plenty of food, supplies, and bounty. At first, that grab all they can, reveling in the great gain they have discovered. But then they come to a realization.

Then they said to one another, “We are not doing right. This day is a day of good news, but we are keeping silent; if we wait until morning light, punishment will overtake us. Now therefore come, let us go and tell the king’s household.”2nd Kings 7:9

So they go and tell others. That message allows the city to find the salvation God has given them.

Our world is under siege. People are starving for the truth. In desperation, they have turned to poor substitutes. We’ve destroyed sacred things in the process. Some believe all hope is lost.

But God has a plan. It can be better. Everything we need and more. Some of us have stumbled into the salvation God has waiting for us. What are we doing with that discovery?

If we are not sharing that message, it’s not right. This is good news. The message needs to be shared. If we wait to do it we will stand in judgment.

Now, therefore, let us go and tell the whole world!

Barry Haynes
Hope church of Christ
Hope, AR

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